Power Screw Presses

Power Screw Press Diagram,  Image courtesy anvilfire.com
From Machine Forging Part II
by J.K. Miller, 1914
M.T. Richardson Co.
Scope of Screw-Press Forging.
-- The scope of the screw press forging is confined to shapes that do not require breakdown operations, or such as have been forged (or blanked) so as to fit the dies. The forging is completed in one stroke or squeeze of the screw. With friction drives there is little danger of jamming the press from an increase in thickness of the flash.

These presses do not require any special foundation, as there is no jar or shock in their operation.

They make strokes from 10 to 40 per minute and exert pressures from 25 to 1,800 tons.

The screw press may be used for a great variety of hot or cold metal forgings. Besides open die forgings, metals may be extruded through dies, squirted up around the punch or formed in enclosed dies.
-- J.K. Miller

Big Boy Fly Presses

Big Boy Fly Presses - Image courtesy anvilfire.com
These machines were being imported from Korea by
Grant Sarver of Off Center Products

Fly presses are a type of screw press. A flywheel attached to the screw produces the forging force. Early fly presses were manualy powered by a pole that hung from the flywheel. These are heavy motorized units with a reversing mechanisim (the two vertical wheels). The force of stopping the flywheel would produce a theoreticaly infinite force but the heavy frames actually stretch just enough to prevent this. These presses excellent for coining operations or closed die forging.

ACCORDING To Grant Sarver :

These ARE wonderful open die forging machines too. The opperator has infinite control over the power, speed and stroke. All of the traditional steam hammer opperations like butchering, punching, cutting, sidesetting, etc. are done with decieving ease. This is not the machine for drawing though, nothing quite like a hammer for that. They ARE great coining and die forging machines.

One of the more compelling reasons people like a fly press: they are QUIET! Also the size that will outperform a 300 Nazel (in the opperations it's suited to) runs on a 3 hp motor!!

Bigboy Power Flypress - Image courtesy anvilfire.com

Specifications: #2 Green (above)
  • 30 TON
  • 9" Stroke
  • 220V 3PH 3HP Motor
  • 6" x 9" Ram
  • Gross Wt. 1.5 tons
Bigboy Power Screw Forging Press - Image courtesy anvilfire.com

Specifications: #1 Grey (above)
  • 30 TON
  • 8" Stroke
  • 220V 1PH 5HP Motor
  • 6" x 7" Ram
  • Gross Wt. 2 tons
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